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  1. Wheels And Tires
    My dad and I drive a manual 2018 ES. We have been encountering some pretty noticeable wheel hop & spin in 1st-2nd gear, and have decided on buying a set of 235/60R15 Mickey Thompson ET Street S/S tires to bandaid the issue. However, I'm not sure if 15x8 inch rims will clear the front brakes.
  2. Brakes And Suspension
    Hey Can someone suggest me brake rotors and pads? With cooling and daily 70 km drive ? Tnx in advance
  3. Brakes And Suspension
    My question, what kind of brakes do you recommend for the car since the front need to be replaced and if I go to performance do you all recommend upgrading calipers as well or just brake and rotors? I'd like high quality performance that last a while and perform well and leave little dust. I...
1-3 of 3 Results