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  1. Brakes And Suspension
    Hey Can someone suggest me brake rotors and pads? With cooling and daily 70 km drive ? Tnx in advance
  2. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo General Discussion Forum
    Hey... iwas wondering is it okay to change only clutch without replacing the flywheel... like grind the old flywheel And does the elantra sport 2017 DCT have dual mass flywheel or not?
  3. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo General Discussion Forum
    Hey... Can someone say how to replace the PCV valve on elantra 2017 sport? The PCV-s are easily removable as i know but in this car its like stucked in the block or im missing the real position of it Tnx in advance
  4. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo News
    Hi I have a 2019 Elantra sport with around 40,000 km it’s a DCT, the problem is whenever I’m in lower rpms my car will start jerking when accelerating when I go heavy on the throttle it doesn’t does anyone have any idea what that happens and it has been happening for a while now aswell
  5. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo General Discussion Forum
    So, I finally got to installing all my mods. I threw in a gfb hybrid bov on 5050 with the pierburg solenoid, a sxth element carbon closed box intake, my pierce axle back and xforce mid pipe. I didn't get around to installing the mid pipe until last night because I had an issue getting the...
  6. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo General Discussion Forum
    Hey so I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra sport built engine with big turbo kit my issue is that I have white smoke burning but I tested compression it’s okay . And a leak down test to see if there are any leaks from the vavles there are non. But smokes white when deaccelerating . When accelerating...
  7. Hyundai Elantra Sport Turbo Pictures and Videos
  8. Exterior
    will the tow hook/front license plate from an Elantra GT fit our vehicles (placement/clearance, etc)
1-8 of 8 Results