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  1. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo News
    Hello everyone I just bought my new car elantra sport 2018. What kind of gasoline does it use? Some people said me 87 and some people said 91… could you tell me what gasoline are you using in your car.?
  2. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo General Discussion Forum
    After checking my oil level today, I noticed my coolant level was just below the “min” line. Note, this was just minutes after turning the car off so should read higher in the reservoir. This is a 2020 Elantra sport. Almost 19k miles.
  3. Intake And Exhaust
    I just bought a K&N intake for my 2017 ES and I’ll probably be installing it at the end of this week. The only concern I have is the previous owner has removed the tube connecting the blow off valve to the intake tube. If I install the new intake do I have to have that tube connected or can I...
  4. Elantra Sport Turbo Issues, Problems & Complaints
    My 2020 ES has 17k miles on it. Noticed about 1000 miles ago that when my engine is warmed up and I’m at idle the engine almost feels like it is misfiring. Just used CRC intake valve cleaning thinking it might be carbon build up but no difference. Changed the air filter and cleaned the throttle...
  5. Elantra Sport Turbo Issues, Problems & Complaints
    Hello everyone, I am new to this site. I just bought a used 2017 Elantra sport, and everything has been awesome. The only thing I noticed is when I start the car in the cold (25-35 Fahrenheit) it makes a very light and quick ticking noise until I drive it for like 15 minutes and then it goes...
  6. 2017+ Elantra Sport Turbo News
    Hi all, I have owned my 2020 Elantra Sport for about a year now. I live in Baltimore so the roads are absolutely garbage. Around 6 months of ownership I noticed some slight rattling in the dashboard. From the driver seat it sounds like it is definitely coming from the passenger side near the...
1-6 of 6 Results