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I'm just about to approach 1000km's and I've been very happy with my Elantra Sport. It made sense financially for lower payments, 0% interest, and no more premium fuel, but it's been nice to drive a manual again too.


-Subtle good looks. Not as eye catching as my old Juke Nismo RS (for good or bad depending on one's opinion), but the ES looks sporty enough for me to want to take another look back when I walk away.

-Wheels - one of the best looking stock wheels in my opinion, especially in this price range.

-Navigation System - coming from the Juke's seriously outdated Nav this has been quite the change.

-Features! Hyundai/Kia I believe still gives you some of the best value for your money.

-Driving experience. I used to have a Veloster Turbo a few years ago. Going off memory and without being able to drive the two back-to-back it feels like the ES is more refined and a comfortable ride.

Exhaust note - I've outgrown the days of having an exhaust, bov, etc. (still thinking about a CAI) so the exhaust note has been nice to hear at least a little something.


Stereo - despite being premium it was a bit of a let down from the Juke.

Small quirk - I use an ipod for music and every time I start the car I have to hit the shuffle button for the playlist. Is there a way to permanently set this?

Rattle in the back end over bumps. It's small like the license plate or something in the spare tire area maybe? Haven't looked into it yet.

Overall my nitpicks are just small little things and I'm extemely satisfied with the ES. :)

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Nice man i agree with the stereo im left wanting more bass n sound its better on sirius xm tho vs car play. Sadly. Might be spotifys quality of files vs the radio im not sure. Its really fun to drive tho i do agree i love the car myself. Few nit picky things thats my opinionated things and few scratching issues but all in all so glad i got the sport myself
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