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Was offered a lucrative deal for a Kia Stinger AWD V6 TT. This is mainly just testing the waters I'm aware 98% of you guys that will read this already own one but if anyone knows anyone interested DM me 🙂

40k km (rounded up in case this is posted for a bit and will be edited if it goes above)

Payments: Lease
$232.00 Bi Weekly (Canadian)
1 Year in/1 Year 8 Months left (as of 9/1/19)
Buy out at lease end - $15,000 (rounded to higher thousand)
Total lease price $16,000, again I rounded to the highest thousand and the car full worth is 30.1k
22,000km/year - 48,000km/full lease

Winter Tires - 1 year old included
LAP3 91 octane tune 10k km - $800cdn (ECU is about $1100cdn)
Blacked out OEM rims - plastic dipped and removable

Diffuser and front lip painted, willing to split on replacements (roughly $150cdn each person)

Definitely was driven hard at times but nothing pass ECU limitations.

Accident free

Minor typical rock chips. Other then that car runs great and looks nice.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario
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