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Hey everyone,

I wasn't around here for to long and looks like I am the first to part ways with their Elantra. Unfortunately, family circumstances have forced this decision.

Purchased Oct, 2018 currently at 13k miles. Oil changed every 3k miles and break in period followed as close as possible for the first 800 miles. Took all back roads to vary the RPMs as much as possible. K&N filter added at 12k miles, garage Kept, 30% tint, and professionally detailed with a 12 month coating. Only blemish is from a hit and run swipe on the rear passenger panel. Didn't hit the wheel. Non smoker, no kids, no dogs. Only had other people in the car once. 80 highway miles daily to work and back.

Located near Fredrick, MD. Asking $18k. Cant go any lower. I still owe more than that. I know everyone here is an owner, so if you know anyone that has been interested pass this along!



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