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Hello all,

I wanted to give a review for this company's tune since reviews are scarce in this community with regards to tunes.

First let me give you the background or 'build' if you wanna call it that. Here's whats been done to the car (mechanical). I'll leave out the cosmetic mods.

These mods have helped in their own way but do not contribute to more power after the tune:
SXTH Weighted shift knob
SXTH shifter end link bushings
Aftermarket motor mount bushings
Pierce Motorsports rear sway bar
1 Oil Catch Can (Tork)
different oil- 5w40 full synthetic
Mastercraft Avenger m8 tires

The rest of the modifications have more a direct contribution to power output once the tune was applied:
SXTH Short Ram Intake
SXTH Inter cooler Resonator Delete Pipe
HKS M45XL Spark Plugs
Premium (93) octane.

I was looking for a 20-25 hp increase from the tune. No spare ECU. This was a remote tune.

Options chosen- Raise Idle to 1000k (because of motor mount bushings and to increase drive-ability); increase speed limiter to 167mph; highway fuel option; and pops/gurgles.

Going into this I had high expectations about how many pops I could get from the stock exhaust despite representatives from SXTH and 845 stating I would not get much more with only stock exhaust. This ended up being true. Hardly any added pops- I'd say you get an extra couple now but nothing much different.


Immediately I noticed my ruff idle is gone and I no longer need to turn the AC to fan speed 3 to increase and rid of ruff idle LOLOL.
Rolling out of 1rst gear is no longer a chore and extremely easy- whereas before I could never pinpoint the sweet spot to release the clutch.
Light throttle and half throttle acceleration is smooth, able to now maintain speed going hill in higher gears without feeling as though I'm bogging down the engine.
Wide open throttle has noticeable power difference, with the majority of full boost felt between 3900-5100rpm. Power curve is more linear in nature but I certainly feel more power towards the top of the power band.
Down shifts (rev matching) is much easier.

Unexpected bonus! Wheel hop has now been nearly eliminated. Able to hold WOT 1rst and second gear without wheel hop. Still experience slight jolt between shifts but nothing to worry about.

Overall I could not be happier with the tune. I would have liked some more pops, but I was told in advance more exhaust work would need to be done in order for that to happen.

Results from log before tune 16psi peak boost/low end 11psi.
Afterwards peak boost at 21psi. I can't remember the number they gave me to for the low end but that number was also increased.

I will try my best to get this car on the dyno so everyone is able to see the real power increase before/after. The reps are thinking I've gotten a little more than my 20-25hp target but we shall see :D.

Anyways thank you to everyone at 845 who made this possible. You know who you are.

Car could almost be considered a sleeper now lol.


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So you noticed an issue with initial take off from first. I have yet to find that sweet spot and feel like I am slipping the clutch a ton to get the car to move. Plus the rough idle bugs the **** out of me. I am looking for a tune strictly for these two issues.

Thanks again for the write up. How did the remote tune work for you? Did you just flash the stock ecu or do a complete swap?

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I have been 845 tuned since October of 17. I have about 10k miles on the car with tune. Took it to the dyno in December .and with intake and muffler delete it made 228hp and 288tq. Since then I have added downpipe, hotpipe and cold pipe and have been retuned. Car feels great peak boost is 24-25psi and holding 17-18 at redline. Need to take it back to the dyno to see what the numbers are now Text Font Line Pattern Handwriting


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