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AEM 21-817C Cold Air Intake

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Hi All,

Can someone who has this intake, review it, post some videos, and comment if there is any danger of water getting into it, because of it's air filter position?



Thank you in advance.


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If you're ever planning on getting tuned, the 2.5 inch intakes like this are insufficient and you'll eventually have to upgrade to a 3.5 inch from Tork, SXTH, or 845.
Don't those 3.5" intakes all get reduced to 2.5" at the turbo inlet pipe anyways? What's the benefit of the larger intake in that case?
It reduces intake chop (compressor surge) dramatically.
It reduces intake chop (compressor surge) dramatically.
Is the stock a 3.5? Anyways, I have the AEM and it seem to have this certain nice pull when I accelerate - hard to explain and with the super short gulp combined with the stock pipe the pull seems free-er? Again hard to explain but the free-er pull feels good too but cant explain... Note that Im not using the AEM filter which I didnt like. I used an enclosed pod filter for both set ups.
Not sure of the diameter of the stock intake tube.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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