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Hi folks, I've had my 2019 ES for almost 2 years, 6MT. Love it, but starting to get the itch to upgrade to a 2022 GTI or WRX.

That would cost me a bundle. Don't really feel like trading in and being out of pocket over $20K plus. I'm leaning towards modding my car, spending a few g's. It's bone stock, and 201hp is starting to feel like an extra 50hp would be awesome.

I'd also love to get a few more crackles and pops from the exhaust without it getting too obnoxious.

I'm OK with the suspension, but will cough up for a set a Summer only 225/40/18's sticky summer gumballs next year to help with traction and braking.

Anyone in Eastern Canada or the Greater Toronto Area have any suggestions? (Yeah, yeah, buy the GTI! :)

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