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86k on mine. I know someone that used theirs for Uber and put 150k on it with no issues.
Have 99k, have had a joy and trouble with this car. I recommend if you do frequent drives and pull hard on the car or turbo, these are a few things to check before that 100k mile hit and it will be a list that I have done(maybe different depending on you, but just check because I drive on rural backroads so it may be different depending on environment):

•control arm bushings in front(recommended)
-rear’s hold up great haven’t changed-
•suspension system
-you can check for separate also, shocks/coils
(Recommend coils first, then you can look into some shocks)
•fuel filter and check fuel lines, also doesn’t hurt to look at other radiator hoses but all hoses on mine held up great.

•GET AN OIL CATCH CAN!! It will help drastically from any oil run off

•change to lithium spark plugs (iridium is garbage) and frequently change oil every 4500-5000 miles

There is other things, but remember this is before hitting 100k and keeping regular maintenance and it will run for ever. Had it 3 year and love driving it!
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