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Quick write up for those who wanna black out their badges using plasti dip or an equivalent type paint that can be peeled off.

Tools needed:
- towel.
- alcohol.
- plasti dip or equivalent. (got mine from Walmart).
- painters tape.
- newspaper.

1- clean off emblems as best as possible with alcohol.

2- mask off the area around the emblem using the painters tape and newspaper.

2 1/2 - for the trunk emblem leave a box around the emblem to allow for easier peeling of the excess paint. For the front grill emblem be sure to stuff the middle portion of the emblem with newspaper to avoid overspray into your radiator.

3- apply 4 generous coats of paint to the emblem, the more the better. This will help it last longer and also make it easier to peel off the excess parts.

4- Remove the masking tape and peel off the excess paint around the rear badge. For the inside portion of the rear badge a toothpick can rally help to poke an initial hole in the paint without scratching your car. Don't worry when peeling off the excess the paint will rip off where it meets with the emblem.

While I was painting back there I went ahead and painted my license plate cover.
What do you guys think? post pics of yours if you have any other colors or designs.
Planning on doing something with my steering wheel badge soon and maybe wrapping my drl with yellow tint, any thoughts?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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