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I'd like to firstly point out that anyone looking at modding/tuning their ES should invest in decent hose clamps on the cold and hot side pipes.I had 4 fail on me resulting in boost leaks.

Has anyone done a boost leak test on their ES before?

I noticed when doing it today I had a bit of air come through the crankcase breather hose whilst putting compressed air into the J pipe.

Is this normal?

I gradually put approx 18psi in and it did not hold, it slowly leaked out after about 5 -10 seconds.

TIP. for anyone attempting this make sure you put the ignition on so that both Wastegate and BoV solenoids energize. You'll get lots of air coming through the BoV if you dont.

I managed to fix a couple of leaks, but I think I need to do this again and cap off the the hose going into the throttle body.

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