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Bug Deflector

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I got the bug deflector for the front hood (OEM). My question is how do we install this? It looks like it came with some bolts but I would have thought we'd use 3m tape??
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There's a bug deflector from Hyundai? Didn't see it on the build page at all.
Did it come with an instruction manual?
I'm just curious - why not do clearbra instead? I understand it is more expensive, but it looks much cleaner and way more effective. The paint on the ES is significantly softer compared to my past AMG and Audis.
Really? I detail for a living and that AMG clearcoat scratches if you look at it funny.
I'm only not clearcoating mainly cause of the price. the is just an easy add on to help with small pebbles and stuff on the highway.
I put the clear XPel coat on the front of my car, but with the rocks they put on the roads up here in the winter, the nose of my car was still getting badly chipped up. Found this on Ebay, direct from Korea. Took a week to get to me in Northern Alberta Canada. It goes on with 3m and I really like the look of it.


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