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Last ones...I promise! lol

2 x racetronix catch cans (they are SWEET!!)
2x -06 ORB to NPT fittings for the drain (picked up at Regional Hose).
2x Fumoto 3/8 NPT drain valves (on order)

Need to order
4 x -10 ORB to barb fittings (need the barb size)
fuel rated hoses (need the hose size)

The original connections are 2-4 and 3-1.
I am bridging 2-4 with 2-7-8-4
I am bridging 3-1 with 3-5-6-1

1: What is the size of hose I should get (I want to completely replace the original 2-4 connection)?
2: What is the size of the barb fitting (I can figure that out once I get the hose spec)?
3: Instead of bridging 2-4 with 2-7-8-4, What is the down side of using a breather filter at the catch can ... so 2-7-FILTER?
4: Instead of bridging 3-1 with 3-5-6-1, what is the down side of using a breather filter at the catch can ... so 3-5-FILTER?
5: Sixth element install instructions detail a check valve to prevent air from flowing from the intake mani, into the can and to the PVC so the sequence would be 3-5-CHECK-FILTER...how necessary is this?


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You can't put a breather filter on the PCV side, that will cause a vacuum leak. That one needs to be connected the whole way. The check valve is to prevent boost from pressurizing the can.
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