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This is what I did for a cellphone mount, entirely to run the torque pro app detailed here - http://www.elantrasport.com/forum/105-turbo-tuning/3121-torque-pro-obd2-application-3.html

It's a second cellphone I kept as a music player and for this reason, as the resale is not worth it for me. The primary plugs into the car for android auto.

I 3d printed the mounts which need a strip of velcro to attach to the steering column, and the power wire comes from the gap between the column and lower dash, powered in a double USB adapter that is shared with the dash cam using a 'fuse add a circuit' in the fuse box thats right there.

Still experimenting with which gauges I will show full time, I know I want boost and GPS speed, just seeing what temps and other things I want an eye on.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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