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Coilover & Jackstand question

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Hey guys. Bought a set of Yellow Speed Racing coilovers a couple weeks ago and I have a question about the install for the rear. The spring and strut came separated but in the pictures they're together. Ive only ever installed coilovers on my Mustang and everything came installed together. Anyone have any experience with these? There's nothing in the instructions referring to the rear strut and spring. Also, I have an extremely stupid question about jacking the car up. I have used ramps for everything this far (intercooler, hot pipe, etc) and when I did brakes and the front shocks, I did one corner at a time so I have never used jackstands on this car yet. I found a couple forums posts talking about jackstands but they didn't really answer my questions. How am I supposed to jack the car up and then put a jackstand on the pinch weld? Lol. There's barely any room for both.
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I just did front brakes and the weld was long enough for both. Doing rear brakes in a week or two. Is there a mount at the rear center for the jack to lift both sides then the jack stand can fit on a side. I've use the rear frame on other cars. Haven't tried this one yet
I'm sure I'm just being dumb but how did you manage to fit a floor jack and then the jackstand haha. Are you jacking the car up closer to the front and then placing the jackstand to the left or other way around? Also, afaik, the only official jacking points are the pinch welds and that's all I've seen people say online.
Rear shock and spring are separate, just as they are stock. Make sure you put the rear adjusters in before you install the shocks as it's impossible to do it after.
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