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Very inexpensive way to add a little look of aggression to your ES engine cover...

Prep: Clean surface with antibacterial clorox wipe or mild dish washing detergent like Dawn.

Materials/Directions: 1 Red Sharpie (permanent marker, fine point) purchased at Dollar Store or Walmart. Apply 2 coats allowing to air dry fully after each application.

Note: *This does not yield any real performance gain, but
looking at it for a few seconds before lowering the
hood... 馃馃馃 I would say at "least" 5whp, 3wtq, and
I'd say 1.83psi additional boost. 馃馃槈

(*) - Be advised... Opinions on what this "feels like" may vary
considerably. Use caution when discussing this with other ES enthusiasts taking into careful account how much alcohol has been consumed...


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