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Hey guys new member here and like the title says will be ditching my 16 civic in a year for the elantra sport.

Long story short, wanted a Si but was not impressed with the 10gen Si. Back in January I decided to drive the sport to see what it was all about. The car was awesome and I had so much fun driving it!! Being a Honda guy I drove the Si right when a dealership near me got one. The car is cool but I didn't come out excited. I decided to try it again a week later at the dealer where I buy all my Hondas from. Took a sedan out for 30km and still wasn't that impressed.
Here in Canada Si is 28450 plus all the fees and taxes. The elantra on the dealer days goes down to 23.700 a no brainer.

Yes the Si has adaptive suspension but its more of a gimmick to me at least. Sport mode turns off every time you re start the car, pain in the a**. Plus doesn't do all the much.

I also found the elantra more responsive as a whole. As soon as I can get out of my civic, elantra here I come!!

like the title says
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