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I recently picked up a 2018 Elantra Sport with the 6 speed manual. I'm planning to start doing some modifications after my warranty expires next year, I was hoping to find some guidance on the car's clutch.
I'm hoping to pick up a Lap3 ECU with the 93 Octane/1.8 bar tune. It looks like this tune results in somewhere between 230 and 240 hp, as well as between 280 and 300 ft-lbs of torque to the wheels.
In that regard, how is the stock clutch on the manual Elantras? Would it handle that increase in power, or would a new clutch be necessary?
I also understand that tunes like this can overload the stock boost control solenoid, is there a "best" aftermarket option?

Along with a tune, I am considering a helical limited slip differential. Has anyone had any experience with a differential upgrade?

Loving my car so far, happy to see there's a community of ES drivers :)

Thanks for any advice in advance!
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