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Greetings and Salutations

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Greetings from Calgary! Purchased my White 2018 Elantra Sport DCT on New Years Eve of 2018/2019, and is the first car I bought since I was a kid that has sparked any tuning interest (had a Thunderbird SC as a kid, first car I bought myself). Since, any or what little mechanical knowledge I had is dead and gone so I’m starting pretty new again. Did a ton of research before buying, and this brilliant place provided a ton of information leading to the purchase. So thank you all for all the good you’ve already done!

Figured it was time to stop lurking and join so I can tap you good folks for a little more info if possible, while contributing while I can. I’ve gone through a few simple things already and have planned out a few things for spring. This is my daily, and only car, so not gonna go too far out of that realm. I still need to consider Canadian winters and regular wear, and warranty of course, is grinding issue in the back of my brain.

Little things done:
Back windows limo tinted
Front PPF added (should have followed the advice I read here and gone full hood. The line on a white car is terrible with just a little dirt)

Lip Spoiler
Front and rear emblems blacked
Intercooler Resonator Delete Pipe
Progressive lowering springs (Canadian winters... this part scares me a little)

Looking forward to chatting with you all! Hopefully see you around the forum!
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Welcome and hello from Edmonton!
Thanks man! Nice to see another Albertan around. I’m actually from Edmonton originally. Still a lot there I prefer over Calgary. How are you finding the ES to handle in winter? Been thinking about installing some lowering springs, but the massive dumps of snow we both get have me second guessing.

Had in luck on Canadian providers for parts as well? Seem pretty few and far between.
ES is actually pretty good for me, when it comes to winter driving. We just go about 20cm of the white sh*t.

I opted for 16inch wheels for the winter months, lots of uneven snow on non major roads. Helps a lot considering Elantra's suspension is on the stiffer end of the spectrum. DCT seems to go crazy at times when starting to roll on pure ice only (does not shift to the 2nd gear at times and redlines the engine), but this only requires a tap on the paddle shifter to motivate the gearbox to change the gear. Other than that, no issues.

ES is already lower than standard Elantra, hence you may loose your front lip rather quickly if you lower the car even more. Coil overs perhaps?

I had the car since August last year and so far, I have only seen one other ES on the road.
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