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Hello...Tried to buy an Elantra Sport but no inventory!

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Just wanted to write a post about my attempts to buy this car, to see if others have ran into this difficulty. Thanks in advance for any information that you can post.

There are four Hyundai dealers in my area and none of them have any Elantra Sports on the lot. I contacted all four by email after deciding to buy the car and two said they were able to locate the model I was looking for in another state, (a 2018 Elantra Sport, silver, manual transmission with the premium package).

As I continued negotiations, I quickly learned that they were planning on driving the car from the other state to the local dealer which would put ~400 or more miles on the car before I would get it. This was not something I wanted to deal with so I requested that the car be put on a trailer to be delivered. They both told me that I would be responsible for the trailer costs which were pretty high.

I then asked if the car I was looking for could be ordered from the factory and both said that this is something that Hyundai does not do, with one dealer saying that it is how they are able to keep costs so low.

Considering all these things I stopped negotiations and unfortunately don't think I will be able to get this car.

Was curious what others experiences were like and if they too were unable to get the car due to a lack of inventory.

Thanks again,

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I guess it depends where you live. Capitol Hyundai in San Jose, CA (www.capitolhyundaisanjose.com) has more than 20 of them!

Maybe you can negotiate with the dealer to give you a discount due to the mileage that will be put on? You have to follow break-in procedures in any case.

I just picked mine up last week and I'm really happy with it!
I tried negotiating with the dealers but I think due to the lack of inventory they weren't too keen on adjusting the price for any reason. Plus, I would not trust the break in period to someone else that would be driving the car from another state.

Congrats on the car! I had test drove a few cars and watched a bunch of reviews and the Elantra Sport was the one that I decided to go with, too bad I won't be able to get one though.

There are four Hyundai dealers in my area and none of them have any Elantra Sports on the lot.
Where is this?
I got lucky. The dealership I went to had the car I wanted in the colour I wanted. I picked it out Saturday and drove it home Monday.

If the dealer is willing to drive YOUR car to you, that's still a round trip and man hours on their part. Why wouldn't they drive their concierge vehicle to pick you up and drive you to your car? Same distance for whomever the dealership sends, but it's miles on their car, not yours.

Edit: Actually, it'd be fewer man hours because they'd have to send your car with someone and send another car to drive their employee back. Driving you to your car is the same miles on their car and 0 on yours.
I'm surprised there are no Elantra Sport's at all 4 dealers near you, but would not be particularly surprised if they have to do a dealer exchange to find the exact car you want. The car can be configured 24 different ways. At the dealers near me, there are only 7 Elantra Sport's in stock, so if I was looking for an exact configuration, chances are it is not going to be available.

As far as not wanting to negotiate, maybe try coming in through TrueCar. There is $3,000 in retail bonus cash on these cars right now, so you should be able to get at least that much off of the MSRP, even on a dealer exchange.
Don't be surprised guys, cause I've had to wait about 5 months to finally get my El Sport. My local dealer didn't have a model with a few configuration, which I really wanted to get. At first, they tried to put me in a pretty close model, but I still wanted all of those features, so I had to wait.
I had trouble finding ES with Manual transmission. I had to compromise on the color, shich is the light gray.
I guess I got lucky. I drove to the nearest dealership (which is about 10 miles away) and bought the one they had on their lot for under $19,000. About as easy as it gets. lol

If you're up for a drive I'd say expand your search area and find one a couple hundred miles away to buy. If dealers really want to sell the car they'll often work with you on shipping if they know you're for sure a buyer. If not, what's a better way to get to know your car than driving it for a couple of hours straight?
I went to lot originally to buy a Veloster Turbo but seeing differences in suspension I chose the Sort. The dealership I went to had 4 sedans and two GTs on the lot. I have had dealers not want to trailer my car in before but they were responsible to taking me to car. Then I drove it home. Good luck as I truly love mine.
All the dealers are in the Rochester, NY area and out of the three that actually agreed to at least try to find a car, they all said they needed to do a trade with another dealer. Two of the dealers actually said they found the car I was looking for but neglected to mention it would be driven from out of state, until I asked about it.

Maybe being set on the manual transmission with the premium package and the silver color is going to make it tough since these cars don't seem to be abundant in certain areas. I did drive to a dealer about two hours away to test drive a 2017 manual sport since they had three of them but none were with the premium package or silver. I liked how the car drove combined with all the options, it is a great package, just not great that it is hard for me to find. I have some time though so am willing to wait for one if a local dealer gets one in.

Thanks everyone for the posts too!
I'm running into the same issue. I only see one manual 2018 ES thats a decent price in my 100 mile radius so instead of visiting a local dealer in NJ, i'm going out of state to PA to HOPEFULLY pick one up tomorrow (Fingers Crossed).
I had to wait around a month for my ES. At first I really wanted the premium package in Grey, but this was rare for me to find at the dealership thats like 10 miles from me. I ended up opening up my options (which meant ditching the premium package and being more open to different colors) and was able to find a handful more. I ended up driving about 100 miles for a base blue ES. I wasn't exactly thrilled because it was the color or package I wanted, but it is my favorite color, it stands out, Im like one of maybe 4 in my area and it grew on me.

I get color can mean be the deciding factor, but you can always wrap/dip/paint the car later on to be the color you'd prefer.
I guess Hyundai is keeping the 2018 numbers low as well. There will be more made than 2017's simply because it will be a full year for 2018's, but yes this car is still just as hard to get as last year for the most part. Sure a few dealers have 20 plus, but they are few and far between.

I have no idea if Hyundai considers this car a success yet or not. Would probably sell better if it was easier to find. Many dealers have ZERO Sport models in stock. That's just terrible. My cars.com manual only search email alerts have gone down significantly in the last 2 weeks. My very specific cars.com search has only shown 1 in the last two weeks. That doesn't help anyone.
Come on up to the Twin Cities, 6 Hyundai dealers, 14 Elantra Sports currently for sale, including 3 silver ones, and one silver manual with premium package. Just checked auto trader.

I had no issues finding my car.
Hah! That's a long way to go from Rochester, NY.
I had to wait to be shipped from the factory (Yellow). They had a white one and the blue demo they offered but I waited. Glad I did.
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