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Ok... So racecar is a bit of a stretch, but I do track the car and run in timed events like Tarmac Rally Sprints.

Anyway, Hi! I thought I'd already made an introduction post (given I've been a member for some time now) but apparently not.

I drive an Australian Delivered i30 SR Manual w/ Sunroof option... which is now quite modified

Mods to the car are:
- AEM Intake
- GFB Response BOV
- Custom Stainless Dump-Pipe w/ 100 Cell Cat
- Custom Cat-Back Exhaust
- SXTH Element Intercooler and piping
- HKS 45XL Plugs
- Tork Motorsports Flash Tune
- Eibach Lowered Springs
- SXTH Element Rear Sway Bar
- OZ Racing Formula HLT 18x8 +45 Wheels
- Bridgestone Potenza RE003 235/40R18 Tyres
- CTS-V Brembo calipers
- Braided brake lines
- Evo X 350mm Rotors
- Motul RPF 400 Fluid
- SXTH Element shifter bushes
- Phillips H7 Halogen Low-Beam
- eBay LED High-Beam conversion

I need to go back to the drags, last time I was missing half the mods and ran a 14.2, now I should be good for at least a high 13

I've done some rally sprint events in the car, with another one coming up in February. First event with the upgraded brakes, which were the single biggest point of weakness in the stock i30SR/EGT when taking it to the track.

Anyway, watch this space, more mods to come for what's already (probably) the most highly modified PD i30 SR in Australia ;)

Oh, and I'm not a mechanic, or a vendor, but if anyone has any questions, hit me up, I've done basically all the work on my car myself


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Cold Start w/ Turbo-Back Exhaust:

A couple of laps of a small circuit in Western Sydney - Luddenham (Pre-Brake Upgrade and my first ever time on a track):

I got a GoPro for christmas, so I'll have better footage of the exhaust when driving and the next track event I do

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Have you dyno'd the car at all?

On a stage 0+ I hit 152kw and 380nm torque.

Also, where did you get the custom dump pipe made? I got quoted $800 locally in Melbourne...
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