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If it fits, I sits (Wheel Fitment from other vehicle)

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Hey all, been lurking for some time now and had a question before I pull the trigger on picking up an ES soon. (After poking as many pages I could, still a bit uncertain)

I've got a set of winters running 215/50R17 with wheel specs of 17x7, 114.3x5, +40 offset and a 73 hub bore. Knowing i'll need another hub centric on there, will these have proper clearance or would I be better off going OEM specs (from the manual)?


P.S. We should probably get a giant thread for Wheel Fitment Questions just as a collective database.
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I believe other members have used 215/50/17s with no issues. I had 205/50/17s with the same wheels specs as yours with no problems except for an annoying highway vibration but that's unrelated to the fitment. I wouldn't worry about getting hub centric rims, I have run lug centric on my winter wheels for years with many cars without issues.
Cool, that's a bit of a relief. Would have been pretty disappointed if I would end up having to spend another hefty amount replacing them and letting my current wheels (with tires stripped from them) sitting in a corner crying.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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