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On top of the rear sway bar I had installed today I also put in the inter-cooler resonator delete pipe from SXTH. A couple months ago I installed the short ram intake (by SXTH) and was pleased with the outcome. Although I was expecting a bit more power gain the car felt like it had a little more torque in the low rpms. The difference wasn't that noticeable to be honest.

Fast forward to today- now that the IRC pipe is installed in conjunction with the short ram I must say I feel a noticeable difference. Definitely not placebo now. If I had to guess I'd say 10hp but I don't have a dyno. At this point I'm content with the power I'm getting out of this thing and will hold off getting a tune. I really don't need any more power for my commutes.

This is just a heads up for those looking to boost power. As said above don't expect much of a difference if these two parts are installed separately but together its really worth it.

Rev matching down shifts is now a cinch. Whereas before with only the short ram it would rev hang a bit more.
Mid to high range rpms feel a bit smoother. Maybe sli-ghtly louder at low rpms.

That's all for now guys. Good luck with your future mods.
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