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LAP3 ECU Tune - Very impressed!

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I have a 2017 MT ES and I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to modding cars and especially those with a turbo. However, I wanted a little more power so I decided to go with the ECU tune from LAP3, and the intake and dual catch cans from SXTH. All I could say is wow. When I now push down on the accelerator, my ES moves. I had a buddy in the car and his head swung back into the headrest and he had a nice grin on his face! LOL

I guess the next step would be to do the downpipe but I don't feel like changing parts that are still new and shiny just as yet.

Thanks to David from LAP3 for your patience and answering all of my questions!! LOL


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I’ve had their ECU tune for the last 5k or so along with some bolt ons from SXTH. Car is 100 percent better than stock haha
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