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What's going on ES crew, my name is Rene from El Paso,TX and I'm a proud 2nd owner of a 2019 ES 6MT. Got the car back in May of 2021 from my dads work at a Toyota dealer. I had a couple of Hyundais, first was a 97 Tiburon Coupe base model and a 03 Tiburon 6MT. Stepped away from the game do to my kids but got back in with 02 Mazda Protege5 and a 01 Protege MP3. Sold the P5 and kept the MP3, but one day a lady practically t boned me with my kids in the back seat and totaled the car. 2-3 years later found this 19 ES, and im loving every minute of it. I'll get some pictures and a mod list of what has been done so far.
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