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What's up?

New 2020 ES/DCT owner as of 3 weeks ago. I just made a job change and didn't get a company vehicle so got my new "commuter" car. I love this car and I picked it up used with 250 miles for a good deal. Anyways, attached is a photo of my new ride and cant wait for it to warm up so I can tinker with it in my garage. It was almost 60 degrees yesterday so I de-badged some stuff and installed interior LED lighting. I'm loving all the info on here with turbo's etc...as I don't know crap about turbos. Still don't know what to start with on performance stuff but really it's my daily commuter (approx. 80 miles/day) so don't want to sacrifice too much fuel consumption as I was originally wanting to pick up an Ioniq.

Looking to learn a lot about this fun car!


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