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New(ish) owner of a Canadian 2018 Elantra Sport

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Hello everyone!

I'm Cat and I got my car just over a year ago. I just found this forum and I know nothing about cars but I love a fast one and I wish to learn mecanics. There's a few things I'd like to do to make it a better fit for me, like add a subwoofer and find a way to hear the turbo (I can't tell if the thing is even working lol)

If you have any tips and tricks I would love to hear them. Just please spell it out like you're teaching a master class because I don't know any of the abreviations or whatever haha

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Welcome from El Paso,TX
Hope you'll enjoy your new car and what it has to offer.
As for turbo noises, I would recommend an intake and blow off valve.

Intake suggestions:
K&N 69-5317TS
AEM 21-817C
AFE Takeda (like OE style) 3 Styles
56-10005R 56-70005R 56-70005D

Blow Off Valve suggestions:
GFB T9211 or T9011
SXTH Engeniring
Thanks! I'll research those for sure :)
Looks like you are in AB?
No, I'm actually in Quebec.
Sorry, there is no front lic plate on your ES, hence my, wrong, AB assumption. I was under the impression that in QC the front plate is required, no?
No, the front plate isn't required in Qc. Just the back plate. :)
1 - 4 of 7 Posts