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New to the ES', but in the past I've had a 2013 Elantra (base model), a 2017 Elantra Limited (wife's car now), and I've just gotten into a 2019 Elantra Sport 👍. Also have a 2003 Jeep Wrangler. Past cars - too long of a list lol. Everything from a 90's Chevy Lumina to a Leopard 1 tank (during time in the military 😉).

I've had my ES for about 2 weeks now, but so far I've tinted the windows, plasti dipped the rear chrome, installed a Thinkware f200 dashcam setup, ordered a catch can, and just ordered the SXTH Element rear motor mount. Ideas going forward - the list is endless, but I'm in between going all out, or keeping my warranty in tact lol...

Decisions, decisions... 🤔

Cheers all, and as a gearhead I look forward to the days to come. 🍺
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