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Hey all, I purchased my 2017 Elantra Sport used back in February, and haven't done much (besides putting different wheels on) but now that things are returning to normal in life, I have a few plans. Thought I would introduce myself and share a picture! I came from a 2012 Civic Si, loved it, but modified it way too much to be reliable. Bought the Elantra as a daily, and will be saving for a project car, so I won't be doing too much to the Elantra but just a few things to make it my own. Been doing a lot of reading of this forum, just learning about this car and engine in particular, so thank you all for the knowledge, and I hope to contribute as much as I can and I'm always open to feedback and ideas!


Only things I've done so far are window visors, front plate mounted form the tow hook, and wheels/tires.
My plans are:
Window Tints
Sxth Axel-Back Exhaust
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