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Hi folks,

Just took my Boring Blue Elantra Sport 6MT home on Friday :)

Getting a new car and getting the ES specifically kind of snuck up on me, but here I am.
I've been out of the 'sporty' smallish car/shopping trolley with a big engine scene for 8 years now, so I've got a fair bit of reading to do to see what's out there for options these days.

As the username hints at, I'm actually from Canadia but have somehow found myself in the state of Texas. Here are a couple pics!


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Welcome to the ES forums!!!

Hey! I live out in Dripping Springs - there's a meet put on by one of the Veloster guys here this Saturday in Round Rock. If you wanna go I'll get you the info. It's open to all cars, but he typically gets a good number of KDM vehicles. The Lonestar KDM crew should be there, too.
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