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Small review here: My family and I are currently vacationing in Emerald Isle, NC while traveling from Ohio and I will first say that I was extremely impressed with my 6MT ES on the way down. My wife and I hit the West Virginia Turnpike shortly after 9:00 pm where there was minimal traffic, which was extremely nice because I could do what I wanted with the car without crazy drivers. If you aren't familiar with the WVTP, it can be pretty crazy when you have people in front of you who aren't confident driving on it and they're causing near accidents. First off, the HANDLING was very impressive in my opinion. With hardly any traffic, I felt like a race car driver in the ES and I never had a fear of losing the car in a sharp turn that I comfortably drove between 70-80 mph around corners! It just felt like the back end would not fail me and the slightly quicker the car got, it would dig deeper on the road. Now to North Carolina. First off, I have nothing against people from North Carolina; you all are fine people and are extremely nice every Summer we come but people of Winston Salem are crazy. I had several female and male drivers trying to race me and literally run my wife and I off the road. Families in SUV's to young males and females to older woman! I will admit, I would consider myself more of an aggressive driver than defensive but by no means am I crazy and try to hurt people while driving. People would get legitimately pissed at me when passing them on the right because they wouldn't get over themselves. They would just stay in the left lane and not care and then try to put their car in the right when I passed! So thank God I have a decently quick car because my wife and I got out of that city as fast as we could. Back to the car: One disappointment I have is something we all are experiencing from what I've read is the lack of pick up when you punch the throttle. I've noticed this since day one of owning the car but noticed it a lot on the trip down. While giving it some juice in sixth gear (and any gear honestly), you just felt the car chug before going anywhere. That's the only problem we had besides the minimal problem of the mpg's gradually going down. For the entire trip down, I would say I averaged 31 mpg, which I'm pleased with. The car was extremely smooth and comfortable the whole way down but as some people have said with road noise, yes the car could be quieter as far as tires go and I would say that could be improved with a better tire brand like Michelin. Love this car and thanks to @Voodoo Idol for all the tips on detailing the car because I had a lot of people looking at the gleaming white the whole way down. :) Cheers friends!
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