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P0455 CEL for EVAP Issue List

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Everyone, some of you may not be on my facebook group (join if you haven't! :) )so I thought I would post this here as well. Several of you have had the CEL illuminate with P0455 due to an evaporative emissions problem. This is currently a very common issue, especially those that live in cold climates. I think there's enough of a problem here that it needs to be brought to Hyundai's attention, so I put together a little form for people to fill out that have had the issue. That way we can get a list together as proof that, at the very least, a TSB should be issued for a fix.

Please do not fill out this form if you have not had a CEL for P0455 or do not currently own an Elantra Sport.


Thanks! :cool:
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Mine one just got the same issue. Will take it to dealer for checking.
2018 Elantra sport went to dealership twice they put new gas cap on first time 2nd time replaced hose from purge valve to intake did pressure test passed check engine light came back on called dealership didn't get call back not happy
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