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Question about "Sport mode"

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What exactly does putting the car in "sport mode" do? I notice the obvious performance improvement, but I was just curious what exactly changes when it's engaged. Thanks I'm advance
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Nothing for us manual transmission folks - it's permanently on sport as it should. =D
It makes the steering stiffer,
makes the gas pedal more responsive in the sense that you don't need to press as hard to get it to accelerate,
keeps the transmission in higher gears and usually shifts around 3k. So say you're crusing around 80/90/100kmh, it'd keep you in 5th or 6th gear to make overtaking easier,
and lastly it rev matches on downshifts as you come to a stop.

^some will argue saying that even in normal it downshifts but what i've noticed is normal it downshifts around 1.25k, 1k rpm and then in the 3rd,2nd gears it feels like it just disengages the clutch.
In sport comes it will downshift between 2-3k rpm through all the gears going down. So if you have an exhaust on the car you'd be able to really hear it.

Hope that helps.
i recently purchased a 2018 GT Sport and noticed that sport mode raises the idle. is that normal?
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