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Hey All,

I apologize in advance for the lengthy post, but figured I'd give some feedback regarding my experience with both the Tork and SXTH intakes for the ES. This is not a bash of either product, but simply a comparison. I will give my opinions for both, and they should be taken as such!

So, I ordered the Tork intake about a month ago because it was the most affordable solution (and SXTH's intake is "always" listed as out of stock on their website!). I had second thoughts as I have read several of the reviews of Tork's products, but I figured I would give them a shot. It took about a month for the intake to arrive (which was communicated by both the product page and my order notes on their website), and was well packaged. It did not come with installation instructions, but they can be found online (youtube). It did, however, come with a couple of sweet Tork stickers! I noticed right away after taking it out of the packaging that the material the intake is made from is incredibly thin. In fact, it's so thin that I actually slightly bent the tubing when tightening the clamps at the turbo intake with a socket driver (pics below)! It comes with normal c clamps and a Spectre filter. Installation was easy otherwise, and I couldn't wait to take the car out for a spin! This is my first turbocharged vehicle, and I was expecting the loud suction noise as described by other members, but to really hear all the turbo spooling and suction noises brought a smile to my face. After a few days of driving the car, though, I realized that the 1/4 to 1/2 throttle intake suction noise is really loud . . . like interrupt normal conversation loud. I'm all for a nice sounding intake, but the sound it makes at those throttle points sounds like someone spraying water at high velocity at a thin piece of metal.

I began to think that the thin walled construction was partially responsible for this (and obviously easily bent during my install), so I contacted SXTH to discuss their intake. After emailing Tanner and discussing it's construction and the fact that they had them in stock in the configuration I wanted (Factory breather connection and BOV connection), I went ahead and ordered. The SXTH intake came in a week (they didn't have to build to order like Tork did. Not a complaint against Tork, just stating facts), and was also fairly well packed. The SXTH intake is still fairly thin walled, but it is nearly double that of the Tork intake (pics below). While comparing the intakes, I noticed that the SXTH had a metallic film inside, which can be seen in the pic. I'm assuming it is from either the drilling process (for the breather and BOV conncetions) or the powder coating, but I made sure to clean it out. It comes with an AEM filter and much better clamps (which should prevent damage to the intake tube in addition to the thicker construction). Installation was also easy, but I found that the Tork intake fit a little better. I had to fight with the SXTH intake a bit to get it to not hit the brake fluid reservoir, but otherwise easy. I noticed right away that the part throttle noise levels are lower than the Tork intake. It's still loud, but not nearly as intrusive. Other than that, both intakes sound and perform essentially the same.

Pros for the Tork intake:
Good fitment
Cheap price
Performs as expected

Cons for the Tork intake:
Very thin walled construction. It's not an issue if you are really careful when installing (use a screwdriver and only tighten until snug enough not to move when you wiggle the intake) and don't mind the slightly louder part throttle intake noise).

Pros for the SXTH intake:
Better construction and components

Cons for the SXTH intake:
More Expensive
Doesn't fit QUITE as well as the Tork

Verdict - The SXTH intake, to me, is worth extra money. I wanted the breather and BOV connections anyways, and the thicker construction, better filter/clamps, and slightly quieter intake sound are just icing on the cake. Performance wise, I'm sure they are essentially identical, and if you don't mind the breather and BOV delete, then the Tork intake will serve you well as long as you are careful when tightening the clamps. I am selling the Tork intake (along with their Tork pipe with upgraded clamps) in the for sale section if anyone is interested! I hope this review helps!

Intakes and components side by side:

Intake thickness comparison (can also see the film inside the SXTH intake):

Pic of slight deformation to Tork intake from overtightening the clamp:


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You are correct, it is at the turbo intake, not the throttle body! Corrected in the review. Also, you seriously used an impact to tighten the clamps?
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