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Road America--ES on track

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I went out for a session after instructing a SCCA PDX event today. My dad, who also instructs at 77 years young, rode shotgun and pulled out the phone and took a little one-lap+ video. Sorry for the shakiness--but it gives you an idea of a lap.

It starts entering T5, not at pit out.

The car is 100% stock as delivered.

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My favorite track in the USA. Super jealous!
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Did you find the open diff a pain at RA?
Not at all.

They had an autocross course in the paddock and I tried that as well. It was tight and the lack of an LSD could be felt there--but was not as bad as I expected. I would do SCCA solo in a stock class--so it is what it is. The car would benifit from a rear bar and certainly the Hankook a/s tires left a lot to be desired.

A National level prep/driven FiST went a 29.3. I went 30.7 clean and 30.1 with a cone--I think I could have gotten a clean low 30. Thats all stock--no big RSB and crappy tires.

The only complaint was the stock brake pads grooved up the rotors pretty bad--after only one session. Definitely get upgraded pads before a track day.
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