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Hey all. Been looking into making some changes to my shifter in my ES but can't seem to find the info I need. Most of the shift knobs and handles I have found are all 8mm, 10mm, or 12mm, but someone on another forum mentioned that the ES uses a 50mm thread or something like that. I just want to find something I can use that looks really cool and fits the theme of my build, but if the car isn't compatible with the 10mm or 12mm shifters, I might have to reconsider my options. Additionally, has anyone found a company or a shop that does modifications to the faux carbon fiber trim on the dash and doors? I want to get that modified to put an led glowbar in because the way that looks in the newer BMWs is absolutely insane. Let me know if you find anything or have any insight as to what I need to do here, thanks! Cannot wait to see this community grow and grow until this car is up there with the likes of some of the other compact sports sedans!

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