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Squeak from pulley

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Hey guys,
So when I'm driving for 20+ mins and the engines hot. I'll turn off the car and I hear a squeak. I know it's probably a pulley going out, but it's only when I shut the car off.
Any advice on figuring out which one it is? Has been happening for about 2 months give or take

Anything helps

Heres a video i took
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It's most likely the cooling fan motor. I had mine replaced twice under warranty for the same deal, squeaking when the fan spins to a stop after you shut the car off.
I just drove around for a bit, and I made sure the fan turned on, and I turned off the engine same squeak. I started the engine again and saw the fan was off and the same squeak when i shut it off. I'm going to take off the belt soon and spin some pulleys to see if any squeak.
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