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Squeaking from front left wheel

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Hey guys. I hit a gnarly pothole last week. My front left tire ended up bubbling and my steering wheel got cocked. I took it to a tire shop and had the tire replaced and got an alignment. My steering wheel is still cocked and now it sounds like someone stuck a rubber duck in my front left suspension group. It squeaks any chance it gets. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm going to guess it's a ball joint until I find time to take it to a shop for inspection. What's weird is that before I had the tire replaced the squeak wasn't there but now it is. It's the same size tire. I dunno.
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I have a same problem
I think that noise is suspension spring and rubber pad friction noise.
Check the rubber pad
The left shock ended up being blown. Shop wanted $1200 to replace both so I just did it in my driveway. Squeaking went away.
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