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I'm glad to have a place outside of Facebook to talk about the ES, however I find the site a bit overwhelming as far as the sheer number of subforum categories.

Quick Summary:
Forum Member Review - There's 3 posts in here, just move this in with the site issue section.

Merge these together:
Hyunda Elantra Sport Turbo: Likes And Dislikes
Elantra Sport Turbo Versus the Competition
2017+ Hyundai Elantra Sport Reviews

Elantra Sport Turbo MPG Discussions - Merge into the general discussion forum
Elantra Sport Turbo Street Encounters - Merge into the general discussion forum

2017+ Hyundai Elantra Sport Turbo Tech And Performance Section:
Does this need 12 sub forums with such low post activity? Could probably be cut down to 3-4.

For Sale:
Just do one part/accessory for sale section. No need for 12 sub categories or the other two sub forums.

Regional Sections:
There's a million of these and they hardly get used, many sections have no posts at all. Just do Australia, Canada, and the USA.
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