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Got my Tork pipe install wraped up today, took about 30min.

Pretty straight forward and easy install, I'd say a 3/10. Make sure you have jack stands, chalked wheels and your jack as a back up! No fancy tools needed. A flathead screwdriver(for clips on under tray, pliers(for gator clamps) and 3 socket sizes, 1/4(for under tray) and 3/8(for tork gators) and 7/16(for hyundai gators)

I had to remove the bottom hose with the old resonator pipe(pic 1) because the one that help the pipe in was facing up towards the engine. The real pain in the butt was the gator clamps(pic 3 and 4) that come with a nut cover and its a giant pain to get them off. I used a pliers to just unscrew them, you can do it by hand after a rotation or 2.


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