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My government likes to put a lot of gravel on the roads during the winter. Usually, after the winter, many cars end up with front end/ windshield damage. Chips...chips....the only way to go is the 3M film. After I got the car I had the entire front bumper, 60% of the hood, front 1/3 of the front fenders, headlights, DRLs, mirrors, A pillars and the section of the roof from the windshield to the sunroof protected with 3M film. Should have done the whole hood. Anywho, I found 3 chips on the hood after recent cleaning/detailing and the 4th one to the undercoat of the hood.

I went to the local dealership to get a touch-up paint marker. Tested colour-match right on their parking lot and it was waaay off. Warm white vs cool white of the car (ceramic white WAW). The pen was returned 5 minutes later. After some searching and reading, I ended up buying a bottle of touch-up paint from AliExpress: Color Easy HY-74 WAW. It was very inexpensive and I was not expecting a lot. To my surprise, when the package arrived 2 weeks later, quick test revealed excellent colour match. I touched up the hood and couple more chips on the rear fenders - the repaired areas blended in completely - high gloss and 99% identical paint colour. The paint is very thin and bottle comes with a small brush (I ended up using a tooth-pick for the hood). Overall, I can highly recommend this product.


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