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Greetings from Montana!
13 years ago I bought an Elantra GT sedan (5 MT). Leather, sunroof, fully independent suspension, different springs and dampers. The GT had upgraded brakes, lights, stereo, and instrument guages...
Sounds familiar to the Sport? The GT also had black trim under the headlights like the eye black althletes sometimes put on. The LED DRLs on the Sport remind me of that as well!
I just purchased the 2018 6MT Sport with the premium package. Took a month to get but worth the wait. I bought it sight unseen. Never saw one in the wild. Never drove the '17 Elantra models at all. Risky but It paid off.
The kicker - I bought it from the same salesman and the same dealer as my old trusty GT sedan! Nearly the same color as well!
Good upgrade, I think! Wish I could post the photo of the old and new car together!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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