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Hey guys! I have a wheel and rim setup that I am trying to figure out. So the stock wheel is a 225/40r18x7.5 and I found these sweet TSW rims on offer up that are brand spankin new and the guy is willing to cut me a good deal on them other than what is posted because he needs the space. Now my question is, should I get upgraded wheels other than what this guy has on the rims or just toss the rims and tires on my car as is? He bought them for his 17 Ford Focus ST so they are 245/40r18 so they are a bit wider. The tires aren鈥檛 the best. They are accelera, bolt pattern 5x108 and the offset is 40 vs our stock offset of 55 on our sports. Help me out. He also said he is willing to keep these for me until I can get them so no rush. 馃檪


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